Simple Recipes* for 3-High (High blood pressure, High blood sugar, and High blood fats) Conditions


Hypertension, Hyperglycemia, and Hyperlipidemia are the dreaded 3-High conditions.

The 3-High are common chronic medical conditions but are not diseases, more detailed information can be found in Wikipedia or other medical sites, e.g.,, high blood pressure, is often called “the silent killer”., high blood sugar, is often related to diabetes., high blood fats (cholesterol), is often related to stroke.


These conditions are very common for people older than 45, and nowadays, there is a tendency to hit younger people too. Since the causes of 3-High conditions are complex, there are no single-drug solutions. Also, Western synthetic drugs have some shortfalls:


Shortfalls of the Synthetic Drugs:

Due to the limited effectiveness of each drug, often multiple drugs must be used or switched occasionally.

Once used, drugs must be continuous used for life; since most drugs worked based on suppressing or blocking the body signals, not restoring the body’s normal functions.

All synthetic drugs have side-effects; they are used based on the “less harm” arguments, which may damage some body systems or need to be compensated by yet another drug.


Hence there are always the desires for natural solutions that can improve the 3-High conditions, to restore the bodily functions instead of control the signals or the end-results of bodily disorders. Fortunately, some natural solutions have been identified before.


Natural solutions to 3-High conditions can be represented by 3-S and the first 5-Alphabets.

3-S: Stresses, Salt, Supplements.

5-Alphabets ABCDE: Alcohol, BMI, Cigarette, Diet, Exercises.


Psychological stresses could be the major cause of many high blood pressure cases, including personal emotion and fear, work environment, physical exhaustion, etc. All stresses should be relieved as much as possible.


Salt is the number one flavoring ingredient to be reduced.


High BMI [= mass (kg) / (height (m))2 = 703 x mass (lb) / (height (in)) 2], or over-weight, may be the first cause for all 3-H conditions.


Alcoholic dinks and cigarettes are proven to have bad effects.


Supplements are important because many essential materials cannot be synthesized by our body systems. For instance, trace-elements like Zn, Mn, or Cu are important to our growth, development, and bone health. We need to take supplements contain these elements if the daily foods contains are not enough.


Common supplements effective to the 3-High conditions include:

To lower blood pressure: Calcium, cocoa, Co Q-10, garlic, oats, olive, potassium, pycnogenol, sweet orange, Vitamin C, wheat bran, etc. To lower blood sugar: gymnema sylvestre, bitter melon, magnesium, prickly pear cactus, Gamma-linolenic acid, chromium, bilberry, Alpha-lipoic acid, fenugreed, ginseng, etc. To lower blood fats: green coffee beans, green tea, red yeast rice, Vitamin D, certain proteins, Omega-3 fatty acid, nuts, conjugated linoleic acid, etc. Some herbal formulas including X3-H are also proven to be effective.


Diet should be low in salt, sugar, fats, and with low (proper) calorie intake per day.

Foods proven to help the 3-High conditions include:

Whole grains: oat, cereals, pearl barley (job’s tear).

Fruits: banana, pear, water melon, tomato, guava, hawthorn berry, blue berry, avocado,

Nuts: walnut, pecan, almond, sunflower seed, peanut.

Vegetables: celery, bitter melon, kelp, jew’s ear (edible tree fungus), beans, potato, peas, chocolate (non-sweetened), corn, broccoli, green-leaved vegetables.

White meat: fish, poultry.

Drinks: fresh water, teas, soy milk, skim milk, vinegar, fruit juices.

Food/drinks to avoid: sweetened foods and drinks, fried, greasy, or oily foods, red meat, butter, saturated fats, trans-fats, etc.



Low-impact exercises daily are the best ways for 3-High conditions, especially for older people. Three good exercises are walking, swimming, and Chinese TaiJi martial art.



Therefore, diet-supplement recipes are not difficult to form with the above knowledge. Some well-tested simple recipes* are free to you by request only: Please go to the next page or click to get the Free Gifts.












*Disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These recipes do not intend to cure, treat, alleviate, or prevent any disease.”