Simple Recipes* to Beautify the Breasts


Female breasts are both a reproductive organ and a sex symbol. Detailed information of breasts is given in references including:, etc. In general, breasts are regarded as sexy and beautiful if they are large, firm, and healthy.


The breasts are principally composed of fat (adipose) tissue surrounding the milk glands, their sizes and volumes fluctuate according to the hormonal changes in thelarche (sprouting), menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and menopause ages. I.e., besides genetic factors, breast sizes are directly related to hormonal (mainly estrogen) secretions and indirectly related to diets and supplements. The firmness and tenderness/ptosis of breasts are, however, more related to the breast supporting muscles and age, can often be remedied by proper exercises and massages. Good blood circulation in breast area is always important.


Breast implants ( implant) are fast ways to enlarge the breast; however, in additional to the costs and suffering, these surgical methods could have complications including rupture and other systemic diseases. Fortunately, breast implant complications and other breast conditions such as breast pain, lumps, swelling, local fever, can be relieved by herbal formulas such as Mammo-Guard (, etc.


Natural Solutions to Beautify the Breasts


Life-style: breast area massage can improve circulation and exercises can strength muscles, they are important to firm-up the breasts and for total body health. Avoid alcoholic drinks and cigarette smoking as much as possible.


Diets and Supplements:

Diet should be low in salt and with proper calorie intake per day.


Common foods/supplements effective to enlarge/beautify the breasts include:

Fats: dairy products, honey, malt, animal hoofs, lamb, eggs, soy products, oils,

Nuts: walnuts, pea nuts, sun flower seeds, chestnut,

Animal proteins: abalone, sea cucumber, donkey skin gel, meat, carp, cat fish, oyster, clams, black-bone chicken, pigeon meat, shrimps, deer horn, etc.

Grains: oat, barley, sticky rice, job’s tear, brown rice, millet, sugar and yeast, Preservatives in non-organic products are often estrogenic.

Fruits: grapes, longan, mulberry,

Vegetables: ginger, onion, green onion, yams, jew’s ear, broccoli, cauliflower, kelp, beans, peas,

Herbs: DangGuai, black cohosh, flax seeds, licorice, red clover, pueraria mirifica, sesame seed, zearalenone, fennel, fenugreek, hops, kava, saw palmetto, peach kernel,

Vitamins: A, C, and E, etc.

With so many choices, natural recipes are not difficult to formulate.


However, there is a dilemma: fats are needed to enlarge the breasts, but fats not in the breast area must be reduced to control body weight. Estrogenic foods/supplements can increase the breast tissue growth, but they also increase the growth of lumps/tumors in body. Therefore, well-balanced food-supplement combinations or formulas that can beautify the breasts without impairing other bodily functions are in demand.


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