Lucid-Head Testimonials



Barbara G. Agoura Hills, CA

I am a 56 year old female.  My husband and I like to travel.  We travel by air, boat, bus, car and sometimes train.  My problem since I was young is dizziness and nausea (motion sickness).  For a long time the doctors had no idea what to prescribe and the ones they did prescribe, never relieved any of the symptoms.   Several years ago, I became so tired of these feelings, that I started to do some research on my own only to find out I had vertigo.  The doctor had told me to use two pillows and sit up while sleeping.  This was all fine except for the fact that the dizziness and nausea still occurred.  Research showed that the vertigo was an imbalance with the nerves in my head.  I finally came upon a website called MytiHerbs’ Lucid-Head.  The ingredients were all natural.  I decided to try the Lucid-Head.  After experiencing vertigo, I immediately took 2 capsules and then repeated the dosage at night, which to my amazement, gave me relief in a very short time.  It was at that time that I decided to take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule at night everyday.  It has been several years taking the Lucid-Head and I have never felt better.  After consulting with my doctor, he told me it was fine to take this product, as he himself, prescribes natural products first to his patients, before prescribing manufactured medications.  To me Lucid-Head is a wonderful product.  I definitely would recommend this product to anyone who experiences dizziness and nausea, and in fact I have told many of my friends. 


Retha L

About 7 yrs ago at age 70, I woke up one morning and sat up and swung my legs off the bed when the room started to spin around and threw me back on the bed. As you can well imagine I was a little scared and confused.  I laid there for a while and then put one leg out on the floor and that seemed to help (I had read before that helps when you are dizzy like that) I didn't know if this was a one time thing or not and soon found out it was not, I didn't have the dizzy spells every day at first but they increased as the days went by and let me say, this was not just dizziness, it was vertigo, so I began to look through all the ads and other literature and tried 3 or 4 different pills  but none worked until I saw your ad and felt like I had hit pay dirt  and I did,  your pills worked right away, I have never had that experience again, thank the good Lord and you.  I have never been without your pills since. 

I am very thankful to have found them and they have worked for 7 yrs and still going. And I cannot say enough.  Thank you again. God Bless You.


Jean C.

I am a 57 years old female who started having vertigo at the age of 24.  I had been to many doctors and was told that I just had to wait out the symptoms of dizziness, whirling and being very nauseous.  It wasn't until I reached a much older age that I had been doing some research on the computer and came across MYTI-HERBS and the product Lucid-Head.  I read the ingredients and was very happy that it was all natural herbs.  I contacted my doctor and explained this product to him. His reply was try it and if it works, contact him back and he would forward this information to his many other patients that had the same symptoms.

I can't tell you how excited I was to feel relief from Lucid-Head.  I have been using this product for over 2 years.  It is amazing how quick it works and the relief I get.  I can function throughout the day with my daily activities without being dizzy and nauseous.  I take one capsule in the morning and another at night before going to bed.  If I get a bout of vertigo during the day, I simply take 2 capsules and within a very short time I have relief.  The best part to me is that when my husband and I travel, it has helped me with air and ship sickness.  The other products out there just didn't do the job.

 I can't thank you enough for developing such a drug.  It is truly amazing.  I have referred several people to this product and they have had good results as well.  Again thank you.


Silvia M

Thanks to MAGI –HERBS my day’s are looking much brighter. I have suffered headaches for about the last 10 years. Every fortnight I had 3 days of headaches, my neck was sore. My head felt like an old kettle. I could not see quite clear- almost like I was covered in a fog. I felt just awful. I had some good days, but every fortnight it hit me for 3 solid days. Always on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday sometimes Saturdays as well. Painkillers eased the pain, but never took this away completely. Most of those days, I used to take far to many pills, just to be able to cope with every day live!!!

I went to see to several doctors for relief, they could not help. One of them told me:  you have had them for so long now, it is obvious it is not a “tumor” you might as well live with it!  These headaches where so regular, almost like a period, which made me think it has to be hormonal.   I went to see the female doctor asking for a hormone test – only to hear- no need for this, you are not old enough! (I was about 43 years old at the time) In desperation I went to the internet and got on to Magi Herbs.  A product called LUCID HEAD They had to offer – sounded like the answer for my problems. I had nothing to loose! I ordered my first bottle of MAGIC. My life was about to change. My periodic headaches where easing, After my 3rd bottle of LUCID HEAD I was hardly taking any painkillers. On a “BAD DAY” I now take one tablet. LUCIDE HEAD HAS CHANGED MY LIVE! These headaches are almost gone, I can see clearly now, and my neck pain is gone. 



Suejen L.

Good girl, finish up this cup of medicine, it'll cure your headache!! As I recalled trying to gulp down the bitter broth with my eyes closed because I dared not to look at the stuff in the bow - a duck head stewed with Chinese herbs.  I had those duck heads starring at me for 7 straight days when I was only 8.

This is just one of many remedies that I tried to ease my sinus headache caused by allergies since I was a child. I have visited all walks of specialists, taken numerous traditional Chinese medicines, or even gone for acupunctures; however, none had a long lasting effect on easing my headaches. What even worse, my eyes got too dry to wear contact lenses after taking decongestants for a long period. 

My good luck finally struck when I almost gave up searching for cures of headache. A friend of mine begged me to try one more remedy when she watched me suffering headache at a lady luncheon two months ago.  To my surprise, a couple hours after I took the tablets, my sinus congestion and headache were gone, and I felt my brain was sharp again.  It was Lucid-Head saving me from the misery.


At first, I thought it was too good to be true.  However, after trying Lucid-Head for 2 months and referring it to a dear friend too, I'm now convinced Lucid-Head really works for easing head & sinus congestions as a prevention and relieving remedy.  As prevention, as soon as I sense my head congestion starting to build up, I take 2 tablets and they always clear up my congestions right away.  I'm glad I finally found the cure for my sinus headache in the past 45 years.      



Mary S. of Oklahoma

I have been experiencing pin strokes every couple of weeks; I would wake up tired, my vision was becoming blurry, and my equilibrium was shaky. My neurosurgeon advised a regimen of a baby aspirin to combat the symptoms, but it was not helping.


One month ago I start taking Lucid-Head at 2 caps in the morning and 2 at night. After a week, I reduced the dosage to one each time. All my symptoms seemed to disappear. It was wonderful to wake up in the morning without the light hurting my eyes and not having to hang on to walls and furniture just to navigate the house. Also, for the past two years. my legs have been swelling to the point that it looked like I had Elephantitus. The swelling went away! I HAD LEG AGAIN! I could wear a skirt or dress, Hallelujah!


Later, I ran out of Lucid-Head. For about 4 days I was OK; then the dizziness, tiredness and pin strokes returned. I now have a source of constant supply and couldn't be happier. Thank you Lucid-Head.


Scott H. of Indiana

I am 51 years old and about 21/2 years ago I was diagnosed with a benign, but inoperable brain tumor. It was in the area of balance. I had a lot of vertigo and problems with balance. When I read an article about Lucid-Head, it talked about that benefit.  I've been using it for about 5 months. After 2 weeks of taking it 3 times a day, I was getting a lot of improvement in my balance. Basically, it did what it said it would. The vertigo is gone. Now, I take it as a kind of tonic about every couple of days.


You name it I tried it. Nothing was effective long term. I've tried acupuncture, diet change; I went to an osteopath and a chiropractor. I had an Amish healer who helped temporarily. My western doctor wanted to examine my inner ear. Now, it's 100% better than it was. It didn't take long for me to notice the benefits.



More Cases:

Mary, 43: Vertigo for 2 months, dizziness, fainting, could not see anything too long, otherwise she would feel dizzy and her eyes seemed to be blackened, and everything seemed to rotate around her and she felt like falling. Her blood pressure was normal. She used Lucid-Head decoctions equivalent to 4 bottles of capsules then all symptoms disappeared.


Huang, 35: Occasional migraine on right side of head for 8 years. Later migraine became very serious, it occurred several time each day, each time the pain was so severe that she could not open eyes to see things. Also she could not sleep well, or had only shallow sleeps with many dreams. Often she felt unstable and un-easiness. Sometime she had high blood pressure too. She took 5 bottles of Lucid-Head and all symptoms were gone.


Zhou, 57: High blood pressure 110/180, with some dizziness and headache. Often, he felt like to vomit, felt heart undulation and sometime sleepless. He has used blood pressure control drugs but all were not effective. He took 5 bottles of Lucid-Head and most symptoms were gone.


Charlie, 67: Increasing forgetfulness and more mistakes in calculation, fussy and easy to get mad, sometimes dumb or talkative. Blood pressure 90/144. He seemed to be in early Alzheimer's conditions. After taken 9 bottles of Lucid-Head, conditions improved a lot and blood pressure became 85/136.