Mammo-Guard (Angelicare) Testimonials

Cindy K. S. IA:
I'm 52 years old, had suffered  from very tender, painful swollen breast with multiple lumps. I also had  lymph glans in my  lower back that were swollen and painful .
I noticed a big improvement with no negative side effect what so ever after using Mammo-Guard,
6 capsules daily for 4 bottles.  The lumps are much less pronounced and lymph glands in my back were cleared up and painless. Now, I take 2 capsules a day as maintenance and I have no discomfort in my breasts.
I recommend this product to others. It works for me. Thank you Mammo-Guard.

Jeanette I. H. HI:
I read an article about Mammo-Guard in a health magazine and was especially impressed by its ability to cleanse the lymphatic system in the breasts. For several months, I had been experiencing prickly sensations in my breasts. This was a cause for concern since two of my sisters have had breast cancer.
After tacking Mammo-Guard, I almost immediately experienced relief from my uncomfortable symptoms. I'm 70 years old and have been using Mammo-Guard for over 5 years with continued relief from breast problems.
Thank you for your excellent product---- I wouldn't be without it.

Cheryl D. Forest Park, IL:
I had lumpy breasts for years. They were sour and painful when pressed. I have taken 2 capsules
a  time, 3 times a day for 2 months.
From the first day I felt some relief, as the day went on. It seems to work in layers inside  of my
breasts. It  took all pain away. I notice my skin is glowing and my puffy eyes are gone.
Surely, I would use Mammo-Guard on a maintenance use daily, 2 capsules a day only.
I love to share my experience with my family and friends. Thank you.

Subee D.
I learned about this product via the internet and made my purchase as I was detected  with lumps in my breast. Upon receiving the Mammo-Guard ,I followed the prescribed dosage. To my astonishment within 3 days I felt the sense of reduction in my lumps. It gradually became smaller. Now I have only one small lump out of 5 that I had previously and I still taking the capsules. The irony of the product is that you can feel the change daily as you consume it, and taking the capsules without fail as prescribed is the key to recovery.
It is a great product and I surely recommend to any person I know that will need it. This product
has relieved me from my agony.

Kirs B. IA:
Wow! Mammo-Guard is a wonderful product....I was having aches and pains from a plugged lymph system from lyme disease treatment and Mammo-Guard has been the key to making that less and less everyday. It has now been longer than I wrote the first time and I am a true believer. I will be starting my son on these too as he is having terrible lymph pain in his neck and back also.  My
aches and pains have GONE AWAY!!!!!! Thanks for a great product!

Pamela T. Saddle Brook, NJ:
I am 58 years old and had breast lumps since about 6 years ago. I have no health care or insurance, therefore I had to delay the exams till my breasts become painful. Since 2006, a biopsy has confirmed that I had cancer on both breasts, but I could not afford chemo- or other treatments.
Doctors have prescribed pain killers including opium to relieve the pain but my condition was deteriorating. I came across Mammo-Guard from a magazine about 2-3 years ago, I have purchase it immediately and use it to relieve pain of my breasts. I have used up to 8 caps each day, usually the pain relieves within hours of taking Mammo-Guard, for me, Mammo-Guard actually works better than all pain-killing medicines, and my cancer conditions are stable now. If I had known your product earlier I may be able to avoid the current problems.
I am so happy with your product, I think Mammo-Guard is more than a miracle product to me; it’s a gift from God.
Thanks again.

Kimberly. WI:
I have suffered from swollen, painful fibrocystic breast disease for many years.  After I turned 40 years old, I noticed the pain was increasing and the swelling was much worse.  My doctor suggested cutting out coffee and colas, chocolate and using tylenol or advil for pain.  Eventually the pain got so bad I could not sleep at night without a heating pad or ice pack.  Depression and defeat was getting me down and I begged them to do something to help.  They advised me to take a medication that is prescribed to stop milk production for new mothers and the cost was almost $400.00 a month.  The medication took almost 2 months before I noticed some relief, but the pain was not completely gone and the swelling was still there. I know it sounds drastic, but I was looking into having surgery to either remove my breast or most of the glands.  I had already started looking on line and getting as much information as I could on the procedure, when I came across the website advertising the product Mammo Guard.   I read about the product and decided to try it but not expecting anything different.  After 2 weeks, I started to notice the swelling was going down and some of the pain and by the third week I was normal!!!!  It was too fantastic!!!  That was 6 months ago, and I still take it every night before bed and have normal breast.  No swelling and no pain!!  There is no way I can express my gratitude for the wonderful product and what a miracle it has done for me.  Unless you have suffered with this condition, you have no idea how it completely alters your life.  Everything revolves around the miserable pain.  Thank you so much for this incredible product, and giving me my life back.

Tracy, WA:
I am a 45 year old female. I had a biopsy on my left breast for micro-calcifications in October of 2005, which came back benign.  At a 2 week check up after surgery, everything seemed to have healed correctly. Approximately 8 weeks after surgery, I developed an infection in the breast. I had red streaks, severe  swelling and fever to the left breast area. My upper left chest area and under arm also became inflamed. I was treated with several rounds of oral antibiotics. I was eventually hospitalized and put on IV antibiotics and had every kind of test imaginable to try and diagnose the cause for the infection. I improved slightly only to have all of the symptoms reoccur within days. This continued for almost a year with the only diagnosis being a blockage in a duct or lymph gland.  When the antibiotics began to cause other health issues with my intestinal tract, I decided it was time to try something different. I stumbled on Magiherbs web site while doing research on the Internet. I decided it was worth a try. Within 5 days of taking the Mammo-guard, the discomfort and inflammation had improved. After 10 days, I was almost completely symptom free. I placed orders a couple of more times to ensure that the problem was cleared up. I hadn't taken mammo-guard for a few months and began to have some discomfort again about a month ago. I ordered another bottle and am almost finished with it. Again, the discomfort is gone. This truly is an amazing product. Thank you Mammo-guard for healing what modern medicine couldn't. I would also like to mention that I ordered Mammo-guard for my 22 year old daughter who was diagnosed with fiber-cystic breasts. She had one surgery to remove cysts only to have them recur. She also had great success with mammo-guard and does not suffer from the pain and discomfort as she did before.

Carol, MI:
I was diagnosed with cystic breasts, especially my right breast. The cysts are benign and my doctor did not want to do surgery, neither did I for that matter. However, the pain in my right breast had become terrible, there was shooting pains, pressure pains, I can't even describe how bad it was, but it would go on all day, imagine just being "aware" of your breast all day because of the pain....My doctor put me on antibiotics, which did not help at all, then she recommended hot packs, then hot and cold packs, switching off, as if I had time to do that! but I tried, and it did nothing.....she told me to quit drinking coffee and caffeine drinks which I did, still the pain was there. and Ibuprofen, I went thru bottles, it would help for about an hour then the pain was back......I was so depressed, just from being in pain all day husband would hug me, and it would hurt, and the poor guy thought it was his fault, that he hugged me too hard.....Well, one day I was in my health food store, and I happened to pick up one of the magazines they offer and there was an article for Mammo-Guard, I read the article and the woman in the article  sounded just like me!  She had been in pain the same way I was. Of course I was skeptical, it was after all, a magazine, and who knows who this person was.....and to me it seemed a little expensive for some pills, but I couldn't stop thinking about what the woman wrote and I thought, "Well, why not, if it doesn't work, I'll write the company and complain." I wasn't expecting a miracle...but that is what happened....A miracle!! about a week after taking the Mammo-Guard, I had NO PAIN!  for the first time in about a year, I did not think about my breast, the pain was gone! I really thought it was all in my head, so I tried to concentrate on the pain but it did not come back!....I am now going to start my second bottle soon, I started with 2 pills 3 times a day, then after about a week, I only needed to take them a couple of times a day...I honestly have been pain free since finding this product. I am so grateful that I picked up that magazine that day.....I am going to stay on them for maintenance. Thank you for making such a wonderful product....Finally, a company that manufactures a product that really works. I am definitely going to tell my doctor about this.....and have a cup of coffee!

Elizabeth, Age 52, San Francisco Bay Area:
I have had issues with calcification in my breasts for years that required yearly mammograms. During a routine mammogram, the radiologist indicated there were several locations on my right breast that required additional testing.  In November of 2008, I was scheduled for a Stereotactic Breast Biopsy which is considered minor surgery.  The procedure is painful and the recovery itself is painful.   
The biopsy results confirmed my condition as Atypical Hyperplasia. This condition is abnormal cell growth that can be considered pre-cancerous.  Given this diagnosis, I was schedule for surgery on my right breast to remove additional breast tissue that the stereotactic biopsy was unable to remove.  The pathology results from this tissue indicated no abnormal cell growth.
Given the above, I was schedule for mammograms every 3 months. During the mammogram, the radiologist indicated concern regarding calcification on right breast but in another location. I was told I would need a 2nd Stereotactic Breast Biopsy. To say the least, I was extremely upset and worried.  The pathology results were negative. 
Another 3 months and another mammogram. This time, the Radiologist indicated concern with calcification on my left breast that required a 3rd Stereotactic Breast Biopsy. For anyone having to go through this procedure there is a high level of discomfort and pain during the procedure, not to mention the scarring from the repeated punctures. To my utter relief, the pathology results were negative.
I was hopeful this was the end but on another routine mammogram during the compression of my right breast, the technician noticed fluid on the imagining plate. Fluid was extracted and sent to the pathology department.  My doctor informed me the results were again Atypical Hyperplasia but this was more serious given there was blood detected in the fluid.  My doctor scheduled me for an MRI. The MRI confirmed a mass in the ductal area of my right breast. I was scheduled for surgery and the mass was removed. The pathology results indicated I had an Intraductal papilloma – a benign, noncancerous tumor.
At this point, I was so stressed and frightened about this progressing into full-blown cancer that I started to do extensive research on my own. I was determined not to subject myself to these repeated painful and costly procedures.  After looking in to the benefits of taking supplements to combat the condition, I saw an ad for Magi-Herbs (Mamo-Guard) I read some very compelling reviews. I also read several articles in health magazines touting its healing powers.  I ordered a bottle and began taking it daily.  Since taking this supplement since my last surgery, I have not experienced any more issues with my breast.  My breasts are now healthy and normal. I continue to see my physicians for follow up exams but so far after a couple of years no problems to report. I strongly believe the Magi-Hers supplement helped me keep the area free from harmful tissue development and kept in check the abnormal cell growth. I will continue to take this product and recommend it to anyone dealing with breast calcification issues.

Deborah B. Pottstown, Pa:
I am a fifty-two year old female who has a history of fibrocystic breasts and periodic discomfort in the breasts.  Back in April of 2011, an ultrasound revealed two asymmetric cysts in my right breast.  I was told at that time, the cysts would be carefully monitored for the next year with mammograms and ultrasounds.  So, I began taking Magiherbs, after doing some research on the internet.  After a few months of taking Magiherbs, I noticed the periodic discomfort I had sometimes experienced, subsided greatly.  Six months after the cysts had been found, a follow up ultrasound indicated there was no change in the size of the cysts, which the radiologist told me was good news.  One year later in May of 2012, after continuing to use Magiherbs Mammo-Guard, a follow up ultrasound indicated the one cyst had not gotten any larger and the second cyst had actually gotten smaller. The radiologist told me that there was no need to follow the cyst with six month ultrasounds any longer.  What a relief!  I am continuing on a maintenance dose of Magiherbs because I firmly believe it has kept both the discomfort in my breasts away as well as helped to shrink the size of the cyst I had.

Margaret, Indiana:
I am 45 years old, I am going through menopause at this time. I had very large lumps on my breasts for the past 7 months. The past 2 months, I felt many more were spreading through my breasts. I was thinking of the worst. I drove 2 hours from Indiana to Illinois to see my specialist for women, Dr. Kristy. She did a computer test on me, it showed that I had fibrocystis. My breasts were on fire, they were swelled and in pain. 

My doctor recommended Angelicare, she has discovered this herb on computer. Thanks to you, all my lumps are gone! All symptoms disappeared in 2 weeks of using (one bottle of) Angelicare. 
Thanks to you many time. She (has also) recommended MenoYouth for dizziness, hot flashes, night sweats, thanks to the herbs, I feel much better and happier. I also have a cyst on my uterus, I am going to try your U-O-Clear. 
Thanks to my Doctor she discovered you. Without your (product), western medicine has so many side effects. Thanks you!

(Supplier’s comment: Margaret welcomes people to call her to find out more details. Her acute breast problems were relieved quickly, but for other recurring lumps, she needs to take more Angelicare to clean the milk and lymphatic ducts to stay healthy. We also like to thank for Dr. Kristy, although we do not know her yet.)

Teresa, Georgia

I am 43 years old I had breast sonogram 6/7/02, found right breast at 10 o’clock position a 2.1x0.7x1.8 cm benign cyst, & a 0.6x0.5x0.74 solid mass 2.5 cm from nipple,  considering biopsy. ThenI found Angelicare (Mammo-Guard), I use it 3 times, 2 capsules (500 mg) Angelicare per day. My symptoms after 5 bottles are: right breast 10 o’clock position cyst has shrunk to 1x0,64x0.9 cm, at 3 o’clock there are 2 break-up cysts measured 0.92 & 0.43 cm respectively, at 9 o’clock, a cyst/debris measure 0.5 cm. Left breast 2 o’clock position, 2 possible cysts or extra mammary lymph nodes measure 1.2x0.33 cm together, all else are normal.

“I had this breast problem since 2/20/01. I have tried all kinds of treatment without success.  I have found the formula Angelicare in Aug 2002.  After taking 6 capsules a day for 2 months, I had another examination, the improvements are encouraging, and my fear of breast cancer are gone. I will continue to use Angelicare to eliminate all my cysts.” 

JJ, Illinois:
I am 54 years old, I started using Angelicare from 4/24/2002. My rRight breast has small lumpy structure for 10 years, pain when pressed. I have used  2 times, 2 capsules (500 mg) Angelicare a day for 1 month, my breasts become normal, all symptoms gone.

Susan, NY:

“I am a 54 years old lady with high risk for breast cancer due to my eating habit and over weight. I have had a breast symptom for almost 10 years: i.e., right side of my right breast has small lumpy structure in the deep, pain when pressed. In the past years, I have tried all kinds of treatment without success.  Last month, I have found the MagiHerbs formula, Angelicare.  After taking 4 capsules a day for 5 days, the symptoms on the right side of my right breast have all gone.”

“However, I felt some stretching and pain on the upper side of my right breast, it was never happen before. After consulting with the supplier, I learn that Angelicare can also stimulate body-reaction to non-detectable early signs of many breast problems and help to eliminate them at the earliest stage of development. Hence I have kept using Angleicare at a lower dosage (2 capsules a day) to reduce the reaction but still maintain cleaning of the milk and lymphatic ducts, finally the upper side pains are also gone.  Interesting to notice is that nothing has ever happened to my left breast during this period, an indication that my left breast is totally healthy.”

Margaret, NJ:

I am 80 Female, my right breast has small lumpy structure for 2 years, pain when pressed. I started using Angelicare on 4/25/2002, 3 times, 2 capsules (500 mg) Angelicare a day for 5 dday, then reduced to 2 caps a day, I noticed that all symptoms gradually improved.

“I am an old lady with no history of breast cancer. However, I have been very careful in self-examination. 2 years ago, I found a small lump in the deep of my right side of my right breast, slight pain when pressed. I have tried all kinds of treatment without success.  Last month, I have found the formula Angelicare.  After taking 6 capsules a day for 5 days, the pain-symptoms on the right side of my right breast have become more pronounced, I felt severe stretching and pain on my right breast. After consulting with the Supplier, I knew that Angelicare stimulates body-reaction to many breast problems, however, due to my age and general health weakness, the Supplier has suggested me to stop or reduce dosage to reduce the reactions. Hence I have kept using Angleicare at a lower dosage (2 capsules a day) to reduce the reaction but still maintain the cleaning action to the breasts. Interestingly enough, during all this period, there are no symptoms on my healthy left breast or any other place in my body. Angelicare appear to be able to detect any abnormal happenings in the breasts and help to eliminate them.”

Deborah, MN:

I  am 54 years old, I started using Angelicare on 5/5/2002. I  had recurring pains and strange lump of ambiguous origin in her right breast.  Ailed by this problem over the course of the past 10 years.  I have used 4 capsules of Angelicare for a few days, all pain and strained feeling in right breast was increased, after roughly a week; pain vanished eventually. Angelicare’s incredible ability to detect and target specific trouble areas is demonstrated in this case

Manufacturer’s Comment:  The ability to detect mammary and lymphatic aberrations is also a key to the success of Angelicare (Mammo-Guard).  If one has no feeling whatsoever for 5 days of ingesting Angelicare, it can be reasonably safely assumed that her breast and adjacent lymph nodes are completely healthy.  One in this position may choose to continue taking Angelicare as a dietary supplement to avoid potential breast-related problems in the future. 

Nancy, TX:

I am 59 years of age, I had itching right breast nipple, no lumps, I started using Angelicare 3 times one cap per day on 4/4/2002. After 2 bottles, all itching symptoms gone.
“I had this itching problem for a long time. I have tried all kinds of treatment with no permanent success.  I have found the formula Angelicare in April 2002.  After taking 1 capsule a day for 3 days, all itching have gone, and my breasts are normal since then.”