O-J-Soothe Frequently Asked Questions



1.      What is O-J-Soothe made of?
O-J-Soothe consists of 39 natural herbs, including:

Endocrine system balancing:  longspur epimedium, Chinese wolfberry, bark of eucommia, chain fern, pyrola, drynaria, Chinese teaseal.

De-toxin: kudzuvine, Fang feng, angelica, Japanese yam, variegated coral bean, mustard seed,

Heat soothing: large-leafed gentian, cork tree bark, wind-weed, honeysuckle stem, selfheal. 

Immune system/Qi enhancing: cassia twig, dried ginger, yam, nutgrass flatsedge, parasitic loranthus.

Blood component production: prepared rhemannia, deer horn, dang guei, Solomonseal, berbaceous peony root, leather leaf milltia.

Clots cleansing: chuanxiong, turmeric, ox knee, cordalis tuber, pseuto-ginseng, common myrrh.

Fluid retention eliminating: Wujiapi, Job’s tear, Chinese flowing quince, Chinese astractylodes.

2.       How does O-J-Soothe work?
The natural herbs work synergistically to help normalize the endocrine system, improve Qi and immune systems, improve the blood component production and microcirculation, clean clots, debris, inflammation, retained body fluids, and toxins from antigen-antibody complexes or drugs, in the joints or musculo-skeletal system. The principle of action of O-J-Soothe is to promote the recovery of human body’s own immune system and repair functions for the degenerated joints, completely different from that of the NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) including common painkillers and COX inhibitors, which is analgesic by blocking the nerve signals or to inhibit the production of inflammatory enzymes to relieve inflammation; and that of corticosteroids which hinders the immune response to block pain. Therefore, results of O-J-Soothe are felt slower but more lasting and without the dreaded side effects of the said drugs.

3.       How many bottles are needed to remedy one's problem?
It varies depending on individual's conditions; usually one bottle is enough to determine whether O-J-Soothe will be effective for you.  If you feel any improvement of symptoms, you need to take more to get better, some people need up to 6 bottles to achieve full recovery. If after 2 bottles, symptoms have not improved, O-J-Soothe may not be suitable for you. But this is a seldom occurrence, unless one has had a surgery before taking O-J-Soothe, there may be after-surgery complexities that O-J-Soothe cannot help. Early usage of O-J-Soothe is recommended to negate a surgery or to reduce un-comfortable symptoms.

4.       How does one know one has Plantar Fasciitis?
Heel pain
symptoms are easy to feel. These kind of natural herbal remedies have been widely used in China with no side effects. However, do not use O-J-Soothe when inflammation or high fever (Which usually means that one may have active bacteria or virus in the body, one should clear the inflammation by using Q-O-Fire, etc.) is presented, such as symptoms of swelling or redness of skin at the locations of pain.

5.      What are other possible applications of O-J-Soothe?
Chronic musculo-skeletal disorder symptoms, including painful, swollen, deformed, non-flexible or stiff joints and muscles, etc. but without open wound, red-hot skin or bone fracture. The causes may include:

Injuries: strain, tear, or sprain of muscle, tendon, or ligament, especially injuries happened long time ago.

Autoimmune disorders: such as RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

Degenerations of bone, cartilage, tendon sheath, etc., as pains in joints, limbs, knee, shoulder, neck, waist, and back areas due to bone spurs, bursitis, prolapsed disc, osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

Musculo-skeletal inflammations: due to chemicals, toxins, injuries, or autoimmune disorders.

As a supplement, each 60 capsules bottle is enough for 2 months of protection.