O-J-Soothe Testimonials



John S. Sacramento,CA:
My occupation is in delivery service industry with emphasis on extensive walking. Approximately
3 years ago I was diagnosed with  Plantar Fasciitis. I was prescribed pain medication---Vicodin.
I also took anti-inflammatory medicines which had severe side effects. I also paid for medically custom designed orthopedic inserts made for my shoes.My physician even recommended steroids; cortisone shots; perhaps even surgery to help alleviate my pain.
However, after reading a Myti-herbs'  O-J-Sooyh articles in my local nugget market newsletter, I
ordered the 500mg, 60 capsules product. After my second dosage of  O-J-Sooth. I have felt significant relieve of my Plantar Fasciitis condition. I take 2 capsules  before every meal.
Previously, I have  no  major relieve of my heal pain only unpleasant side effects from prescriptions until I ordered and tried O-J-Sooth. My Plantar Fasciitis has been reduced to where I no longer take
Vicodin. I insist rely solely on O-J-Sooth to reduce my chronic pain.
I've personally referred two friends to try it. I highly recommend O-J-Sooth to anyone who suffers with Plantar Fasciitis.

Debbie M. Dexter, MO:
 I started having foot pain  three years ago. I went to a podiatrist. He told me that he could not see
anything wrong with my feet but sold me insoles. I work  my job on concrete floor eight hours a day, even though I have insoles to cushion my feet, no matter how many layers ,how thick the insoles were,my feet hurt still.
One day, I went to our health food store last year, they gave me a magazine with my purchase. There was an article about “ Plantar Fasciitis “. The more I read it, the more it sounded to me that I was the one who suffered  from this illness. So, I bought 3 bottles and started taking 3 capsules each time, 3 times a day. By the second day, the pain was less. By the time, when I finished 3 bottles, hardly I felt any pain of my feet. It is marvelous !!
I called and checked with the company about the ingredients----- there are all natural, herbs only; no
chemical; no preservative; no heavy metal; no pesticide---GMP factory product, made in U.S.A.
I've a peace of mind. I order another eight bottles, 4 for me, 4 for my mom. Now I take one before bed. That keep me in check—free of foot pain.  Thank you so much for a wonderful product.    

George A. R. Tucson, AZ: 

My wife Norma is 66 years old she is taking several medications prescribed by her Doctor.  But what do you know?! The medicines have very undesirable side effects. As a result she started having pains in her right heal as well as her knee.
We tried everything possible that we thought it was safe to try; from over-the-counter pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs to various Natural Formulae and Vitamins to no avail. She feels slight relief then the
pain comes back with vengeance to a degree that she became unable to walk. Even the slightest touch to the heal of her right foot caused her strong pain.  We became desperate and somewhat hopeless, and resigned ourselves to the possibility that the condition might stay with her always.
Then came the solution like *Gift from Heaven*. We read a publication in one of the Health Publications we got from a Health Food Store. The publicity was about a formula called   O. J. Soothe with explanation and illustration describing the conditions it treats exactly from which my wife suffers.
So, in desperation we decided to try that formula. We said to each others, what can we got to lose except the price of the bottle.
We ordered one and boy was it Magic?!  After just two days the pain disappeared and she was able to walk without pain . We tried to experiment to see if what happened was a result of O. J. Soothe or not. She stopped taking it, the pain returned. Then she resumed taking it and the pain disappeared again. Now she is using it always and is able to walk without any problem or pain.
This Magi-Herb formula is indeed magical.
I even sent a couple of bottles to my brother who lives overseas who happens to suffer from similar condition and O.J.Soothe was able to help him as it helped my wife. Thanks Magi-Herbs.
George A. R
Tucson, AZ