Q-O-Fire Testimonials



(These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.) 

HF L. Rowland Heights, CA:
My aneurysm was detected by doctors when I had a medical check up of my pace maker in 2010, there are two bulges of about 1 cm size. The doctors suggested to wait and see. After taking Q-O-fire for about 3 months, the bulges seemed to have shrinked. The doctors dont feel a surgery is necessary for the moment.

David  K, Las Vegas NV
I am a 29 years old male. I have been a vegetarian for about 2 years, I exercise every day and have very good health and very low body fat (15%). However, about 6 months ago, I became allergic to many things: With no apparent reasons, hives (urticaria) grow all over my body surfaces, they usually appear in the form of one or more raised light red patches (wheals), sometimes they join together to form larger patches. They are very itching, annoying, even embarrassing, but they often disappear within a few hours. In the worst days, they could happen 3 to 4 times. I have tried to change my diet, using natural products, organic remedies, etc. none worked; the external applied pastes only relieve itching temporarily and I dare not to use cortisone-based products for any longer period. One strange symptom of my hives is that they can be relieved a little bit by taking a hot shower, i.e., they can be wash-down to my lower legs; but moments later, they will happen again over all body. Doctors said the hives are skin allergies, i.e. some kind of inflammatory reaction to toxins in my blood stream or to contaminations on the skin.
I came across Q-O-Fire by searching the internet and tried it, to my surprise, after one bottle, I have found the frequency and severity of my hives diminished gradually, they happen about once a day now, and with the wheals grow mostly in the lower body or legs, I feel much relieved.

Joy O, Houston, TX
My husband George is 70 years old but still working as a mechanic, he had a quadruple heart bypass a few years before, since then, he had developed a small ascending aortic aneurysm, which has caused legs swelling and other problems such as dry eyes, etc. Doctors have tried many treatments without success, but concluded that the problems are due to some kind of inflammation.
I have found the formula Q-O-Fire from the Healthy Living magazine and asked him to try about 6 months ago, after a few bottles, all symptoms of dry eyes, leg swelling, have disappeared. Upon re-examination, surprisingly, the aortic aneurysm has also disappeared, although we dare not to tell our doctor what George was using.
George has thus reduced to maintenance dosage (1-2 capsules/day) quickly.
I myself have used Q-O-Fire for my recurring tooth inflammations with good results.

Comment by Myti-Herbs:
Q-O-Fire is a dietary supplement, thus it is not disease-specific; however, it does relieve many kinds of strange inflammations. The basic reason may be that many kinds of inflammation which are not readily cured by antibiotics or drugs, can be relieve by promoting the body fluids to quell the inflamed-heat or internal-fire. Such as many virus infections in common cold or influenza, hives, inflammation caused by unknown reasons or strange diseases, AIDS, lupus (SLE), etc. In other words, Q-O-Fire promotes the bod's self-healing capabilities to relieve the inflammations.

Jack M, 64 years old
I have had inflammation in my gum, and bad smell in mouth for many years, dentists have pulled out several teeth, did 2 root cannels, and gave me many kinds of antibiotics, nothing really cured the inflammation completely, my mouth still smelled badly, no one seemed to have a solution for the problem. I have now only 22 teeth and still easy to have pain and redness and heat in my gum, and smelly mouth, which is often embarrassing.  My dentists said I could be allergic to certain food, especially spicy ones. The best they could do was to use antibiotics, but the problems remained. About 2 months ago, I found Q-O-Fire and used it 6 capsules a day as suggested, in a week, all my gum pain and redness/heat were gone, best of all, no more bad smell in my mouth, and I can eat spicy food without any problem now. I still use 2 capsules of Q-O-Fire each day to maintain my gum and mouth in pain-free and smell-free condition.

May L, Ambler, PA

After a long term cold, my throat is always sore and I have persisting (slight) coughing for a long time. I began to use Q-O-Fire powder for throat cleansing and then swollow the fluids. My problems wer much relieved after about one week.