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A “complete testimonial” must include your name, age, sex, and your conditions before and after using our product with exam results as much as possible. A good example is attached below for your reference.




I am a 45 years old female. I had a biopsy on my left breast for micro-calcifications in October of 2005, which came back benign.  At a 2-week check up after surgery, everything seemed to have healed correctly. Approximately 8 weeks after surgery, I developed an infection in the breast. I had red streaks, severe swelling and fever to the left breast area. My upper left chest area and under arm also became inflamed. I was treated with several rounds of oral antibiotics. I was eventually hospitalized and put on IV antibiotics and had every kind of test imaginable to try and diagnose the cause for the infection. I improved slightly only to have all of the symptoms reoccur within days. This continued for almost a year with the only diagnosis being a blockage in a duct or lymph gland.  When the antibiotics began to cause other health issues with my intestinal tract, I decided it was time to try something different. I stumbled on Magiherbs web site while doing research on the Internet. I decided it was worth a try. Within 5 days of taking the Mammo-guard, the discomfort and inflammation had improved. After 10 days, I was almost completely symptom free. I placed orders a couple of more times to ensure that the problem was cleared up. I hadn't taken Mammo-guard for a few months and began to have some discomfort again about a month ago. I ordered another bottle and am almost finished with it. Again, the discomfort is gone. This truly is an amazing product. Thank you Mammo-guard for healing what modern medicine couldn't. I would also like to mention that I ordered Mammo-guard for my 22 years old daughter who was diagnosed with fiber-cystic breasts. She had one surgery to remove cysts only to have them recur. She also had great success with Mammo-guard and does not suffer from the pain and discomfort as she did before.

By Tracey G.

Kansas City, Mo


Thanks again and best regards.