Shrink-&-Clean Frequently Asked Questions



1.      What is Shrink-&-Clean made of?
Shrink-&-Clean contains standard extracts of 20 different herbs: 

Blood clot cleansing:  seed of cow herb, Chinese scholar tree flower, garden burnet root,

red-rooted sage, aromatic turmeric;

Fluid-retention reduction: pumice, kelp, kombu;

Qi and mood smoothing: three-nerved spicebush, dried orange peel;

Hormone balance: de-gelatined deer horn;

Sputum dissolving: white mustard seed, bulb of fritillary, selfheal, oyster shell;

Liver de-toxin and heat soothing: olden landia, Zheijiang figwort, sun-plant, honeysuckle

flower, licorice.

2.       How does Shrink-&-Clean work?
The natural herbs work synergistically to supplement the self-cleaning capability of blood flow, mammary and lymphatic systems, to detect and clean abnormal accumulations and growth of sputum-fluids, blood clots, tissues, and cellular debris. These accumulations may form fibrocystic lumps, breast gland hyperplasia, lymphatic nodule lumps, colon polyps, etc. The cleansing actions gradually eliminate all benign lumps that are not completely calcified, or slow down the growth of the abnormalities, so that body or lymphatic ducts and nodes will stay clean, or return to their original cleanness, thus the lumps disappear.

3.       How many bottles are needed to remedy one's problem?
It varies depending on individual's conditions; usually one bottle is enough to determine whether Shrink-&-Clean  will be effective for you.  If you feel any improvement of symptoms, you need to take more to get better, some people need up to 6 bottles to achieve full recovery. (The rule of thumb of usage: 4 bottles for every 3 cm in tumor size to see significant results.) If after 2 bottles, symptoms have not improved Shrink-&-Clean may not be suitable for you.

4.       How does one know one has lumps?
Benign bumps in the body systems, especially those lumps without skin-color changes, no fever or pain associated with them. The locations of lumps may include the neck, breasts, thyroidal, abdominal, or colon area. Symptoms of colon lumps or polyps could have belly pain, long term diarrhea with sticky stool, pus, or blood, or alternate constipation and diarrhea. Other lumps usually have no pain or other symptoms.

5.      What are other possible applications of Shrink-&-Clean?
Any benign without inflammation, especially thyroid lumps. The constituents of lumps may include waste body fluids, cellular debris, cartilage, fat or fibrocystic tissues. Usually the reasons of occurrence and western medicinal treatment for these lumps are not certain. In TCM, these lumps are regarded as abnormal tissue growth due to stagnation of blood clots, phlegm, or debris.