Shrink-&-Clean Testimonials



Case # 1001


I am a 66 years old female. In 2000 I had a small lump removed at my right groin and was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, a type of incurable cancer but that usually grows slowly. After many test, including a bone marrow test, nothing was found anywhere else, I was told it would show up again somewhere and after 9 years, in April 2009 I notice one in the right side of my neck.A biopsy was performed and the results was the same as is in 2000. It was not suggested to go under any treatment since there were no other symptons and the oncologist said that it the lump grew large enough to interfere with any functions, then we would do something to shrink it.

Afraid of chemo and or radiation, I read in a magazine about Shrink-&- Clean for benign lumps. Although mine wasn't I decided it wouldn't do any harm to try. After only a couple of weeks of taking Shrink-&-Clean I notice the difference in the growth, it shrunk a litle so I continued to take it till it was the size of a small pea. Buth then I started cutting down to see what it would happen, I was taking 6 daily and I slowly cut down to one, but after a month or two I noticed it started growing again, not quickly but I could tell, so I increased to 4 daily and only in a couple of weeks, I noticed it was shrinking again. They say it has no cure but I feel better as long as it keeps it from growing larger. So I will continue to take it for as long as it works for me. There is no disconfort or pain, but knowing that it is getting smaller is all I need.

By Mati R

Las Vegas, NV