U-O-Clear Testimonials

Aimee V. Woodlands, TX:

I began taking U-O-Clear ten years ago.  I was suffering from very painful ovarian cysts.  Especially around the time of ovulation, I would feel bloated and very sore.  Sexual intercourse was unthinkable.  It hurt too much.  My mother saw an ad for U-O-Clear in a health magazine and suggested them to me.  I had nothing to lose; I was truly miserable.  When I went to my ob-gyn, he did a pelvic exam and confirmed that I had many cysts covering both ovaries.  He wanted to put me on birth control for a couple of months and for me to come back after two months so he could check me again.  I really didn't want to get on birth control.  I have a lot of negative side effects when I take birth control pills.  Without telling my doctor, I began taking the U-O-Clear instead of the birth control.  I felt relief almost immediately.  When the two months were up, I knew the cysts were gone.  I was pain free.  But I went to see my ob-gyn anyway to confirm.  He did a pelvic exam again and told me the cysts were indeed gone.  Ever since then, I keep U-O-Clear around.  I can go months without pain, but when it starts again, I start taking the U-O-Clear (2 capsules, three times daily) and I always get relief.  It is the only thing that works.  And there are no negative side effects!!!

Thank you,

Autumn V. L. FL:

I have been using U-O Clear now for at least 6 months and have experienced great results. Previously, I had frequent doctor visits because of ovarian cyst problems.  Sometimes the pain was so bad that I was in tears. The swelling cysts would cause me to be horribly constipated, and also I had frequent urination problems and bloating. My doctor's only solution was to put me on birth control pills, and I did not want to go that route. Birth control pills supplement unnatural hormones which I did not want. I was determined to find another treatment.
With a lot of research I discovered U-O Clear online, and decided to try it. Within a couple of weeks of taking these herbs, my stomach became much flatter. I suddenly had more energy. I no longer had to urinate all the time, and I was no longer constipated. Most importantly, I have not experienced the horrific pain associated with ovarian cysts since taking U-O Clear.
It has really changed my life for the better! An amazing product!

Connie K. Mattoon, IL:
I am a 50 year old female who suffered from Uterine Fibroids since 2001. They were mild at first, gradually getting a lot worse, until it was to a point where I had extremely heavy periods and a tremendous amount of break through bleeding most of the month. I was also very anemic from bleeding all the time, and my whole life revolved around me being near a bathroom. It definitely affected my quality of life. I had been on birth control pills for over 20 years (which can cause the fibroids), and was unable to get off at this point because the bleeding became even more severe whenever I tried.
I'd had Ultrasounds and Uterine Biopsies to cofirm the diagnosis, but did not have insurance to do the recommended hysterectomy. I was also trying to avoid such a drastic surgery! I tryed a Uterine Balloon procedure in 2005, which has a high success rate, but because my fibroids were so large, the procedure failed.
Something had to be done. The fibroids and anemia were getting worse. My Mother, who is very into natural and herbal remedies, discovered the Magi Herbs product U-O-Clear through a health food store. My condition was so bad, I didn't think any supplement would be able to help, but I also had nothing to lose. I began taking 4 a day and saw a big difference over the next few months. (I also started taking a natural female hormone balancing supplement a day.) I was gradually able to get off birth control pills and my periods became a week long, instead of over 3 weeks, with much less bleeding! I have no break through bleeding anymore and regular periods! It is like a miracle! It has been years now, and instead of my condition worsening, which usually happens with Fibroids, it has only gotten better! I am now on 2 U-O-Clear a day, when I'm not having my period, for maintenance.
Uterine Fibroids "dry up" with menapause, so until I reach that point in my life, I will continue my U-O-Clear. I whole heartedly recommend U-O-Clear to anyone suffering from Uterine Fibroids. It gave me my life back and I am eternally grateful for such a wonderful product!

Connie K.
Mattoon, IL
June 2010To answer your questions,
1. For my anemia, I took 2 25mg. Chelated Iron tablets a day. I started this before I found the product U-O-Clear, do so I believe I had a handle on the anemia before starting the product.
2. As far as fibroid size, most of the Ultrasounds I had did not say the size on the reports. They just gave uterus size. I did not know this until I received the records before I moved from AZ to IL. My uterus size in 4/05 was 13.2 x 7.6cm. (With "increased size of the leiomyomas") This indicated a gradually increasing uterine size - I started at 9.7 x 4.8 in 2001. My Ultrasound in 4/06 (After being on your product about 6 months) revealed my uterus size as 12.2 x 7.7cm. (With "multiple small fibroids") This last Ultrasound said that the largest fibroid measured 3.7 x 3.8cm. (But it's the only U/S that gave any size) It was in between these dates that I had a failed Thermachoice endometrial ablation procedure because of a "very large fibroid bulging in the anterior uterine cavity". I started U-O-Clear around 10/05, after the procedure failed in 8/05.
3. My condition now, in my opinion, is great! (As my testimony indicates) Because I do not have insurance, and because my symptoms have improved so much, I have not been back for further U/S or labwork.
4. As far as my anemia, I assumed that since I am bleeding at least 85% less than I used to, have normal periods, and still take 1 25mg. tablet of Chelated Iron a day, that I shouldn't be anemic anymore. That was 5 years ago, when I was bleeding almost nonstop for years. Am I wrong to go by that? Again, without insurance, if I am not symptomatic, I don't have such things checked.
Is it bad to stay on U-O-Clear for maintenance? I am doing so good right now, I hate to adjust things; but will if you advise so.
I hope this answers your questions. Let me know if you have more.
Thanks, Connie

Dear Connie:
Thanks for your testimonial. I have a few more questions before we are
sure about your case.
1) How did you handle your anemia? You should not take U-O-Clear if you
are anemic.
2) Do you have fibroid size measurements before and after you have taken
U-O-Clear? How many bottles taken in between the measurements?
3) What are you current situation now? Our most concern is your health.
4) Be very careful with your anemia,what are your blood cell counts now?
Please note we want tangible stories, therefore, these detailed info are
necessary. Thanks again.
Michael Kang

Liz, 52.  SFO.
For several months, I had been experiencing pain in the region of my ovaries. During my routine obgyn exam, my doctor was unable to detect any issues, but due to the pain I was experiencing, she ordered a pelvic ultra sound.
The results of the ultra sound confirmed I had Uterine fibroids*- benign (non-cancerous) tumors. They can grow underneath the uterine lining, inside the uterine wall or outside the uterus. My doctor discussed treatment options which included surgical treatment for uterine tumors in which the surgeon removes the entire uterus via hysterectomy, or Myomectomy, a uterine-preserving procedure performed to remove uterine fibroids.
I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs so we decided to monitor the situation with another pelvic ultra sound in 6 months. I had the follow-up ultra sound which indicated the fibroids had not grown but now showed I had a cyst on my right ovary. The cyst was classified as mildly complex with fluid, which could possibly contain blood. My physician indicated a follow up pelvic ultra sound in 3 months was needed to monitor the cyst and fibroids.
Having had such positive results using Mamo-Guard, I had faith in trying U-O-Clear. After hearing about my diagnosis, I began taking U-O-Clear Supplements. The numerous testimonials from other women with similar medical issues gave me hope. I took the supplement as directed for 3 months until my next pelvic ultra sound procedure. As with any test, waiting for the results caused a great deal of anxiety and fear. When my physician called me with the results, I was shocked by the news. She indicated the cyst on my right ovary “ was resolved” and that the fibroids had disappeared and no further medical follow up was needed. Receiving a clean bill of health after taking the U-O-Clear supplement is No Coincidence. This supplement works.   I have continued to tak
U-O-Clear as part of my daily supplement routine. If you have been diagnosed with any of these types of conditions, I Highly recommend you try U-O-Clear.

Rachel D. NY:
I am recovering from over a decade of systemic (bloodstream) candida and staph infections, along with heavy metal poisoning (mercury) and several years of crude oil and xylene exposure (organic solvents, etc.). I have not eaten grains, corn, sugar, for five years, and have been steadily learning about which pro-biotics, enzymes, and herbs will best help facilitate my healing at different stages, and am close to attaining a macrobiotic diet (I still eat plain low fat yogurt).  I have gone through everything
from my eye swelling shut to not being able to digest food for two weeks on end, high fevers, hives, osteoporosis and resulting hormone therapy, spinal derangement, arthritis, circulation cut off from my toes (diagnosis was second degree frostbite, though I had not been exposed to that kind of cold). I am happy to say that my health steadily increases since I started eating for nutrition and paying attention to what my body was doing and why to kill the infections and detoxify.
Last year I began having problems with simple ovarian cysts, not realizing it until one ruptured and my fiance took me to the emergency room. I had so much liquid constantly on my abdomen that I had urinary and intestinal problems just from the friction of my own organs, making room for the cysts and fluid from subsequent ruptures. After thoroughly researching medical, herbal, and holistic approaches to the problem, I decided to give U-O-Clear a chance. I noticed a difference in the First Day. In two weeks, my body was better able to utilize my nutrition and exercise to reabsorb and release the built up fluids, and only after the pain was gone did I realize how much pain I had been living in for over fourteen months!  My urinary problems cleared-up as did my intestinal and abdominal distress due to the fluid buildup and cysts. I could finally sleep comfortably, which further facilitated my h
I have found that my best results come from starting U-O Clear about three days after my period ends. I start out with one pill two times a day, then one pill three times a day, then each consecutive day increase the dosage by one pill until I'm taking 2 pills, three times daily (which is the suggested therapeutic/maximum dosage). By the time I get up to the maximum dose, I'm almost halfway through my cycle, then continue at that dosage until about three or four days before my period is due. At that point I start decreasing my dosage by one or two pills a day until I'm not taking it, and my period has reliably started one to three days after I stop. (As the label states, you are not to take U-O-Clear during menstruation.) I have found that increasing and decreasing the dosage in this way over the course of each month, I can better gauge how bad my problem is, determine how much U-O Clear I need to be taking, and maximize U-O-Clear's effects.
The symptoms go away so long as I stay on my monthly cycle dosages of U-O Clear. They come back if I don't keep increasing my U-O Clear dosages as I described, though.  So long as my symptoms are gone, I've seen no reason to get expensive medical imaging or anything done again, so I can't be sure if the cysts are actually still there (reforming each month) or if my ovaries are just having a hard time clearing everything out that they need to clear out (or both).  Regardless, you and U-O-Clear will help make my new year Happy indeed!
Thank you so much, Magi-Herbs, for supplying this item and making it available to people like me, who have had enough of the medical runaround and are determined to move from ignorance on to Good Health wisdom.

Laura, NM:

I owe someone in China a huge debt of gratitude.
About five years ago I visited my gynecologist complaining of a dull pain not helped by ibuprofen, or anything else for that matter.  I was give a vaginal ultrasound (what fun!) and diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and several small fibroid tumors.  My doctor suggested the birth control pill to keep my pain in check.  Taking the pill did relieve my cyst pain but I seemed to have a mental block when it came to remembering to take it each day.  After a time I decided I wanted to get off the pill for various reasons but when I did my pain returned three fold.  I then tried the birth control patch in attempt to remedy my memory issues with taking birth control, then switched to the pill where you only have four periods a year. 

Finally I concluded that I wanted to cease all this manipulation of my body by prescription drugs.  I did extensive Internet research on treatments for cyst pain ~ other than the birth control pill.  I learned that Chinese herbal formulas have long been used in ovarian cyst treatment with high rates of success. I read many testimonials from women who said they avoided surgeries and women whose ultrasounds showed their cysts had shrunk or disappeared with use of Chinese herbal products.  I ordered U-O-Clear (available through www.magiherbs.com) and it has truly been a godsend to me.  I felt relief almost immediately and am currently on a maintenance dose where I take approximately one pill a week.  I want women to know that there are healthy, effective alternatives for cyst and fibroid pain other than the birth control pill.  I have experienced no side effects what so ever with U-O-Clear.  It has made a wonderful difference in my health, my attitude (constant pain would give any one a bad attitude!) and my over all well being.  To be pain free and to be so by using natural medicines is very meaningful to me. 
If you or anyone you know is experiencing pain from an ovarian cyst or similar health issue, please check out the www.magiherbs.com website and read about O-U-Clear to see if it might be right for you.  Naturally not every product works for every one but I always like to share information when a product does wonders for me as this one has.  The Chinese really know their medicine and I wish to spread the word about their superior products.  Won’t you help me to pass along this vital info?  Here’s to your good health.

Diana S.  FL:
"Boy oh boy, do I have a story to tell you about U-O-Clear? I was in pain, lots of it. Basically keeled over every morning with pain. Had Ultrasounds, CAT Scans, pap smears, & nothing ever came out. I was hurting so much I thought it was cancer & that I was going to die. I took 2 U-O-Clear (capsules) on the first day, 2 more the second day and third day, I had no pain. Just like that. Gone! I have not felt pain free for over 18 years. In fact, I've been in pain even as a teenager. Only thing as a teenager it was just for my period & as years went on it got worse & worse, making it so unbearable I had to take HOT baths & use a heating pad every night. I thought I'd live in pain for the rest of my life. I want to thank the mixer of this concoction that has made me feel like a real person is supposed to feel. Pain free. I will continue to take this medication. Thank-you so much for restoring my quality of life."    

Jeanne, PA:

"I am a 43 years old Caucasian female. I have had the unfortunate luck of developing a fibroid tumor, which is in the most miserable of conditions. Due to this problem I also developed severe anemia with a hemoglobin count of 5, which required three blood transfusions.

In the last eight years I have learned quite a lot about alternative medicine and looked to this area for a treatment.  Alas, there was very little to offer at all. I then turned to orthodox medicine, which offered solely very dangerous hormones and surgery. Neither of these options seemed appealing to me.

I then continue to search throughout the field of alternative medicine and found a very good combination of South American rain forest herbs, which helped, but this herbal formula was mainly used as a cancer treatment. Continuing my search I then came across Chinese treatments I was unfamiliar with. I started taking an herbal combination called U-O-Clear, which is used only for fibroid tumors and not cancer tumors, and within just a few weeks, the fibroid began to shrink in size and was no longer as hard. Overall, since starting the treatment the size has gone from 10.8 x 12.4 x 8.5 cm to 7.1 x 6.9 cm. (with 5 bottles of U-O-Clear used.)

  I then contacted a well-known Doctor of Oriental Medicine in my area to see if I could add any additional herbs to U-O-Clear and mailed him the list of 19 herbs in U-O-Clear. He felt this was such a good combination of herbs that perhaps an office visit would not be necessary.

  Overall, this is an extremely difficult condition with very limited treatment options. I believed that U-O-Clear is one of the best treatments available."


Amy. TX:

Date of use: 5/1978. Product Name: U-O-Clear. User: female, age: 30

Dosage used:  2 times/day, raw U-O-Clear decoction.

Symptoms before use: bloating, pressure, and slightly painful soft lump in lower abdominal area, tiredness, low fever in the afternoon. Diagnosed as Ovary Cysts.

Symptoms after use: normal, all ovary cyst symptoms gone.

"As housewife, after first two miscarriages, I felt tiredness and low fever in the afternoon. Gradually I felt pelvic area symptoms as described above. I went to the gynecologist to check and confirmed those are the ovary-cyst symptoms. The doctor prescribed no medication, said just wait-and-see after 3 months. But the symptoms became more pronounced day after day. In desperate, I tried U-O-Clear decoction, all symptoms gone after 3 doses, about 6 days, and I felt normal since. Then I stopped taking U-O-Clear, but after about one month, the symptoms came back again. I took U-O-Clear decoction 2 dosages again. All symptoms gone, till the time I had the doctor check again, no symptoms existed. The doctor was very happy to say that his wait-and-see method did work, but I am sure it was U-O-Clear did the job."

 Katherine. WI:

Date of use: 7/2001. Product Name: U-O-Clear. User: Female, age: 40

Dosage used: Three times as day, one tea spoon (20 grams) each time, raw U-O-Clear powder for 6 days.

Symptoms before use: lower abdominal bloat, tiredness, and low fever in the afternoon. Confirmed ovary cysts by gynecologist.

Symptoms after use: normal, all symptoms gone.

"I run an auto-repair shop with about 6 mechanics. I am very busy and cannot be excused from job too long. In June 2001, I felt the above symptoms and went to see a gynecologist and was diagnosed ovary cysts, doctor said that the only way to cure is a surgery or wait-and-see. I was very busy and could not stop working, and I was very tire every day. Fortunately I have come across U-O-Clear, out of despair, I tried one day, and I felt better immediately. So I went on to finish the first 3 decoctions in powder form, all symptoms disappeared, and I was back in normal working life again. Consequently I have bought 2 bottles of powder, each bottle contains about 3 decoctions, to prepare for the symptoms coming back again."


Debra. NY:

Date of use: 9/2001. Product Name: U-O-Clear. User: Female, age: 39

Dosage used: Two times a day, only one decoction for 2 days.

Symptoms before use: lower abdominal cramp and pain, uncomfortable, tiredness.

Symptoms after use: normal, all symptoms gone

"As an herbal product manufacturing technical engineer, I know many herbs but never really used on myself. Recently I felt pain and cramp, some tiredness, some bloating and pressure in the abdominal area.  I went to my family doctor and he recommended me to see a gynecologist. Before that I encountered the U-O-Clear formula and tried one decoction, immediately I felt better overall. So I boiled the decoction again and used it for two days, all my symptoms were gone. I have not yet confirmed my problem, but it could be ovary cysts or early uterus fibroids.  I will see a gynecologist to confirm, but since all my symptoms are gone, there is no urgency to do so."