DIY Body Pain Relief Methods


Human body includes head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, arms, hands, thighs, legs, and feet. Body pain is a very common health condition that most people suffer occasionally. Western drugs, including pain killers, are somewhat effective but often have side effects. There are also many alternative methods to treat bodily pains but none are certain; all these treatments require a doctor or health professional to help the patient.


However, Dr. Chang CH of Taiwan, has recently invented and developed the OPM (original point massage), which can be performed by anybody (but not on oneself), needs no tools, no drugs, has no residual or side effects, and provides effective, immediate pain relief in most cases. Sound too good to be true?


Here is a brief description of the OPM techniques:

One has to find the OPs (original points on the body) associated with the initial pain point/area. Then, by pressing and massaging the OPs to cause a stimulating pain, the initial pains can be relieved quickly. The OPs corresponding to each kind of body pains were found by Dr. Chang and are freely available to everyone in his publications (books and videos); the proper hand skills to press/massage the OPs are also available. These original versions of OPM theory and practices can be found online.


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